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China Mobile 4G 2G network power system meter reading signal amplifier solution

come:Foshan lintratek Tec  Release time:2015-10-08

The original old-fashioned meter need to collect data artificial regularly.  There are some problems on manpower, time, accuracy. With escalating power system is completed, the old table is gradually phased out. More and more housing estate and family using the remote meter reading mode.
Currently, the wireless remote meter reading was completed in the new construct housing estate.This requires that the area of the table should have a good wireless signal. Transmission signal quality will directly affect the GPRS data upload slow or not upload.
At present, meter is generally in the basement of the one or two layer, the signal quality is poor and unstable. That requires operator which providing wireless data with the most simple and effective way to solve.

At present, there are several ways to solve the bad signal of the wireless meter data:
1, Indoor distributed manner
       The operators cover wireless signal to residential building depth. But the construction need long time and a large investment, it is small interests for operators.

2,Leading the table antenna to out
It is simple for operators that lead antenna to outdoor and without interference. But serious signal lose because the cable is too long. So, it is available for that area which strong outdoor signal and transmission distance is relatively close. Otherwise, if outdoor signal is weak, it does not work properly. However, this way is high installation costs.

3, Use signal repeater
This method can solve the signal problem well, the construction is relatively simple and with good results after open.
But there are problems:The outdoor Yagi antenna can easily be destroyed due to the relatively large size. While it is inappropriate between input-output for operators because high cost of equipment.

In summary, if can find a reasonable price and simple installation way is very necessary.
Outdoor can use intelligence panel antenna, it is small size and can stick directly on the glass or wall. The installation is convenient, price is reasonable, can be used as the professional supporting module.
Since Foshan Lintratek Technology Co., Ltd. launched the 4G mobile signal amplifier, has receive  attention of national power company power meter reading project services. Has received a signal of a power meter reading area to cover the project service visiting. We have research a set of optimal solutions to wireless signal coverage of power meter reading with customers.