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"Beautiful Foshan, all the way forward"-the 2018 50KM trekking event

come:Foshan lintratek Technology Co., Ltd.  Release time:2018-04-11

Foshan Lintratek Technology has enriched the amateur cultural life of employees, relieved the pressure on employees and tempered the perseverance of employees. On March 31, 2018, they participated in 50 kilometers of “Beautiful Foshan, all the way forward” trekking event. In this long-distance walk, Lintratek's staff gave full play to the hard-hearted and courageous spirit of perseverance. 19 people participated in the session and 11 people completed the outstanding performance of walking.


There are five routes in this event, starting from the central districts of Foshan City, Chancheng District, Shunde District, Nanhai District, Gaoming District, and Sanshui District, and the Century ShiJiLian Sports Center in Shunde District is the end point. About 50 kilometers. Five hiking trails cover parks, greenways, wetlands, river banks, and flower seas along the route. In Lintratek Technology's view, this is more like a collective journey. All of us will challenge ourselves and sweat on this avenue.


This 50 kilometers is the journey of Lintratek. It is a struggle to persist and give up. It is a symbol of self-challenge. Even if it is fallen, we must stick to it and follow the pace of the forward. Lintratek is on the road, success and goal are ahead.


Starting at 8 am and finishing at 10 pm, after 14 hours, for each forest founder, the road is long and lonely, but the attender of Lintratek did not give up. The positive energy of mutual help, mutual encouragement and courageous progress along the way has determined that Lintratek Technology is a highly competitive team. Each stuff of Lintratek will be closely united.


This 50-kilometer trekking event is a wonderful memory for all Lintratek technology owners. Our big family has also enhanced its sense of glory and sense of belonging as a result of this event. We will be more united, more progressive, and more energetic in our lives and work.