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Scented leaf fragrance, warmth Dragon Boat Festival

come:Foshan lintratek Technology Co., Ltd.  Release time:2018-06-25

In order to carry forward the traditional Chinese culture,guide employees to love the traditional festivals and enrich the amateur cultural life of the employees, Lintratek Technology company organized a Dragon Boat Festival event with the theme of “Fragrance of Loquat Leaf and Warmth of the Dragon Boat Festival”.

The materials are very rich in preparation, with red beans, peeled mung beans, eyebrows, peanuts, salted egg yolks and earth pork according to the taste of the employees. Before the event, the employees were organized to apply for food cleaning, pickling, and soaking.

Look at it is not very rich! !



It was also the support of a skilled master (a co-worker's mother-in-law) who helped to act as a master.


The scorpions come in different shapes. Colleagues from all corners of China pack out triangular pods, four corners, pillows, cones, and bamboo scorpions. About two pounds of big, less than one or two small.




The picture shows the co-workers' proud display of their Big Mac (Guilin, Guangxi)



The colleagues involved in this activity carried hard-working, dexterous hands through the teacher's on-site counseling. After cooking on site, they distributed the wrapped 500-odd rake to the company's employees. This activity also made employees feel more genuinely to feel the connotation of Chinese traditional festivals. In a joyous laughter experience the fragrance of eucalyptus leaves, to celebrate the festive atmosphere of the Dragon Boat Festival, to pass out the deep love, bring home thick love.