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"Thanksgiving society, giving back to society"

come:Foshan lintratek Technology Co., Ltd.  Release time:2018-07-03

On June 23, 2018, Foshan Lintratek Technology Co., Ltd. organized a public welfare community care activity for the elderly. Before the activity,the organizers has contacted the Local Government service center,according to the actual situation for the enterprise,the staff of service center arranges the related care object. Mainly by the elderly, disabled families, mental disabled families, low-income poor family composition.

After the announcement of the activities of the employees of Lintratek actively enrolled to participate in,which let this activity full of warm from the beginning,now let's review these warm moment together.


Photo showing everyone is bringing the subsidized rice and oil so happy at the place of departure.


One by one are registered and grouped to the assisted families after the service centre.



On the road step-by-step measurement of the temperature of the public activity, in the doorway again and again contact the object of visits.


The grandma is 99 years old, open her heart after seeing us to visit her, chatted about the anti-Japanese War of various small stories, let our employees cherish today's Hard-won stable and happy living environment.

We also finsihed questionnaire survey during this event, according to the content of the questionnaire to start a conversation, to understand the life of the elderly, economic situation, physical condition, the issues need to help solve , and so on, and repeatedly asked whether we need to help do health and other things we can do. 


With the end of the activities,the organizers of activity organized a short meeting to share and harvest of this activity.The persons who have not participated in the activity are also actively involved in the sharing of the main mention of the following points:

1.To maintain a good state of mind, to avoid mental illness;

2.Exercise more and keep a good body condition;

3.As far as possible to find a person in love with life;

4.Back to home more to see our grandparents, parents, filial piety from our own start;

5.Organize the corresponding activities, let us cherish the present life and family more. 

As the value of the enterprise, "Thanksgiving society, giving back to society"  has been deep into every employee's heart, we will be in this public welfare road farther and further away.The values of positive energy are conveyed to every corner of society.