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Work efficiently, live happily

come:Foshan lintratek Technology Co., Ltd.  Release time:2018-07-26

In order to enrich the employees' amateur cultural life, enhance the communication between employees, mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, ease work pressure, achieve work and rest, increase team cohesion, and reflect the company's care for employees, Lintratek Technology launched ""Smart&Joy Game".

There are three activities in total:

1, chess

Chess is a collection of culture, science, and art. It can not only develop intelligence, exercise dialectic and cultivate tenacious will, but also cultivate self-cultivation, cultivate sentiment, and enrich cultural life. (Content comes from Baidu Encyclopedia)


2, Gomoku

Gomoku is a very simple kind of entertainment competition in chess competition. Some employees have become a kind of love for Wuzi. There is a lot of fun in the competition. Let us appreciate the strength of a unique charm and the strength of the players. The players who have been eliminated have got more of a thrill of being "fighting opponents".


3, landlords

As the saying goes, not afraid of God's opponents, but afraid of teammates like a pig. When necessary, even if you dismantle your own cards, you must send away your partner, indicating that you must know how to sacrifice yourself at a critical moment in a group to achieve the ultimate victory.


In the competition, the champion, runner-up, and runner-up will receive points rewards and material rewards. The awards in this competition are also quite attractive.

Let's take everyone to feel the atmosphere at the scene:

The staff on the field is very focused, and the Gomoku game is the fastest one. The speed is amazing, so everyone is amazing!

After many competitions, the champion, runner-up and third runner-up finally came to the fore. Many thanks to all the staff for their enthusiastic participation.


During the smart and joy game,everyone feels the warmth from the Lintratek Technology family.

Work together, play together,

It is not the competition of IQ, but the good times on the field.

The purpose of the activity is to make employees communicate more frequently and make their friendship deeper,which greatly enhanced the team's cohesiveness and the company's centripetal force.