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Want to make signal stronger of the underground parking lot, Lintratek Technology have a trick!

Come:Lintratek  date:2018-11-22

Recently, Lintratek Technology Co., Ltd. received a project to enhance the signal in a remote metering room.We arranged technicians to visit the site and given the electric house staff a perfect solution.The following case will take you to understand the specific situation and the configured products.


Project Instruction

The customer is specializing in remote meter checking service,due to the electric room is in the underground parking lot,the signal is weak and cannot be checked remotely.So he need to install a cell phone signal amplifier/booster/repeater under the parking lot.Then the parking lot has two electric rooms,which are 50 meters apart and the parking area is 15,000 square meters.To cover the three-network call signal,we made a solution which is installed the product of KW21A-CG.


Project Name 

Underground parking electricity room checklist signal coverage


Project Address 

Hongshijia, Nanzhuang Town, Chancheng District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province


Spot Details

The distance between the two electric houses is 50 meters,and the area of each electric room is about 30 square meters.The signal source has to go to the first floor through a wire walkway at the entrance of the electric house,and then take the signal through the lobby on the first floor.The one difficulty is the electric room line is no gap to connect lines,and there is a signal at the outdoor antenna.The installation requirements for outdoor antenna receiving signals are very high because it is in the middle of the community,surrounded by 16-story high-rise buildings.


The problem

The three network 2G signal, the signal of the electric room is covered, can make a stable call


Detailed process of solving problems

1.Outdoor antenna:Use the Yagi 18-unit high-gain antenna to install the door of the lobby on the first floor.The outdoor antenna faced a little empty place between the two buildings.

2.Trace:First,the line goes down from the first floor lobby electric box, directly to the electric room.Secondly use a two-power splitter at the door of the electric house,and then thread the hole into it.At last the antenna is hung in the electric room.The other side pulls the line directly from the trunk of the parking lot.


Detailed installation process

1.The signal before installation is 2G 1 bars of Mobile Signal,-98bBm,Unicom is no service.

2.Product role:Enhance mobile Unicom 2G+ Telecom 2/3G call Internet. 

3.Installation precautions:The first floor lobby line can not walk the bright line, the other is the underground parking lot. The basic requirements can be solved.


Material used

Outdoor antenna:Yagi 18 unit antenna

Line:1/2 line 100 meters

Booster/Repeater style:KW21A-CG

Power splitter:two power splitters, one

Indoor antenna:0.3 m ceiling antenna two

Connector:12 pairs





After our professional technicians went to the site for analysis and installation,the 3G/2G signal was full and stable.In general,the Internet and cell phone signals were also solved.

The above is the sharing of Lintratek Technology Co. Ltd. I hope everyone can understand the mobile phone signal amplifier and know how to choose the mobile phone signal amplifier.If you have any questions,it is willing for us to service to you.