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[Case] This magic way makes your signal strong enough to explode without worrying about slow network speed.

Come:Lintratek  date:2019-05-27

Mobile phones have become an indispensable tool in our life. From the seventies to eighties, from teenagers to teenagers, even teenagers have the habit of using mobile phones, and now mobile phones are becoming more and more intelligent and convenient. Whether it is playing games, watching videos, chatting, paying for things, deposit management, etc., can be achieved through mobile phones.

Project background

But the mobile phone signal is unstable, but it is a headache, when playing games, the signal is not good, may be reported by teammates, watching the video is wonderful, the signal is not good every minute to throw the mobile phone, meal payment signal is not good, it is embarrassing, then there is no way to solve the problem of bad signal? Of course, there are. See below for specific solutions.


Recently, Lin Chuang-Tech received a project that needs to do mobile phone signal coverage. The first floor of the shop in the district is being renovated to be used as an automobile workshop. In the indoor signal is very weak, good time two signals, sometimes no service, whether the call signal or the Internet signal are very weak, very affecting the communication with the outside world, so customers find us, want to solve the problem of telecommunications Unicom 234G Internet + mobile 2G Internet access and mobile 4G Internet access.

Project analysis

After field investigation, we found the following problems


1. Automobile Workshop is a shop on the first floor of the district. It is surrounded by dense buildings, which results in very weak signal on the first floor.

2. Because it is on the first floor, the building walls of shops on the first floor are usually very thick, and the reinforced concrete shields the signal greatly.

3. Because the customers want to solve the problems of 234G Internet access + 2G Internet access and 4G Internet access, we develop 20L-GDW and 20L-TDD-D hosts for customers to solve their mobile phone signal problems.

Materials used

Host: 20L-GDW, 20L-TDD-D

Accessories: 2 wall antennas, 6 power dividers, 6 ceiling antennas, 2 logarithmic antennas and 2 feeder 100m lines.


This scheme can cover about 800 square meters, and can be applied to basement and underground parking lot.

setup script

1. First, we install the outdoor logarithmic antenna on the window of the first floor. When installing the logarithmic antenna, we need to install it outward, and then fix it well.

2. Next, the indoor ceiling antenna is installed on the ceiling, and two ceiling antennas are installed on every three beams.

3. Then two wall-mounted antennas are installed 10 meters away from the ceiling antenna.

4. Finally, tighten the corresponding line source interface.


Usage effect

After installation, on-site test shows that both the online signal and the telephone signal can reach full-scale, and the signal is quite stable. Customers are satisfied with the installation scheme.