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Mobile phone signal amplifier: amplifier for Mobile Unicom mobile phone signal

Come:Lintratek  date:2019-11-13


The mobile signal amplifier, as the name implies, is to amplify the mobile signal. At present, the mobile signal operators are divided into three major operators: Telecom, Unicom and mobile. In terms of function, the mobile signal is divided into the mobile call signal and the Internet signal. The mobile call signal is divided into the 2G and 3G signals of the mobile phone, and the Internet signal of the mobile phone is divided into the 4G signals of the mobile phone.

In daily life, under what circumstances can the mobile signal amplifier be installed and used?

Reason 1: with the rapid development of China's economy, the demand for mobile communication services is higher and higher. With the rapid development of mobile communication industry and the rapid increase of mobile users, the cellular planning is getting smaller and smaller, and the coverage of mobile phones is getting smaller and smaller.

Reason 2: with the rapid development of the city, the planned use area of the city is becoming smaller and smaller, and the city's high-rise buildings are building higher and higher. Because the signal base station on the back or underground of these high-rise buildings is blocked by high-rise buildings, the signal attenuation is serious, and the mobile signal received by the user's mobile phone is also weakened.

Reason 3: with the rapid development and renewal of the city, the decoration level of the exterior of the building is also improved. The absorption and reflection of signals by the commonly used metal steel structure and aluminum alloy structure make the mobile phone users in the building unable to receive the outdoor mobile phone signals normally

Reason 4: because buildings block and reflect electromagnetic wave signals, some places in closed buildings, such as shopping malls, supermarkets, KTV, bars, underground parking lots, can not receive external mobile phone signals normally.

In view of the above points, in order to make the mobile phone can talk and surf the Internet normally, we need to install a set of mobile phone signal amplification equipment, so as to amplify the normal signal outside the mobile phone to the place we need, and bring convenience to the staff or customers inside.

So the question is, how to install the signal amplifier of the purchased mobile phone?

First, the preparation before installation and the location of outdoor antenna shall be selected before installation. It is necessary to ensure that 2g 3g call signal and 4G Internet access signal of the three major operators of outdoor antenna location are good. The best choice for outdoor antenna is omnidirectional receiving antenna.

Second: we need to determine the mobile signal we need, for example, which operator's mobile signal we need to install, Unicom, telecom or mobile. After determining the operator, we need to consider whether we need to install 2g 3g call signal or 4G Internet signal.

Third: after all the preparatory work is completed, installation can be started. During installation, ensure that the distance between outdoor antennas (two or more outdoor antennas) is more than 5m, between outdoor and indoor antennas is more than 10m, or between outdoor antennas and indoor antennas is separated by concrete walls or roofs, and one antenna interferes with each other.

Fourth: after installation, power on and test to see if the signal on the device display screen is normal. If not, adjust the direction of the outdoor antenna and the indoor signal is not strong. Adjust the distance between the indoor antennas or increase the number of indoor antennas to ensure that the received signal of the mobile phone is good

The above is the sharing of Linchuang technology. I hope you can better understand the mobile signal amplifier and know how to choose to use it. If you have any questions, please consult us~