The Company is a ship, the Talents is Sail, you are welcome to join us, together with us to creating the brilliant future. The following is our latest recruitment job position, If there is no suitable job, you can also send your CV to the following enter our lintratek talent pool, Once we have a suitable position, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Foreign Trade Specialist / Assistant
1、Responsible for maintenance updates Alibaba international export site.
2、Responsible for contacting customers, preparation of quotations, participate in commercial negotiations, sign contract.
3、Customer expansion and maintenance.
4、Work reporting.

1、Tertiary and higher education, Major international trade or business English related.
2、With higher english level, good computer operating level.
4、With good business development capabilities and business negotiation skills, Strong public awareness, With a strong sense of professionalism, spirit of teamwork and Ability to work independently, With courage to explore and innovation.


Website / Shop Operations
1、Use AliExpress platform for the company's product sales and marketing.
2、Responsible for product information Publishing and operations management with the company's online trading platform.
3、Understand and gather the competitive products dynamic information and competitor on network.
4、To channel development and business expansion over the network.
1、With the AliExpress or EBAY operational experience is preferred.
2、Proficient in a variety of network sales skills, be familiar with the major portals and various online shopping websites.
4、Familiar with the Internet, skilled use of network communication tools and a variety of office software.
5、With strong communication skills.

Promotion Assistant
1、responsible for routine maintenance of The official website.
2、Help Taobao, Jingdong, AliExpress, EBAY, Amazon, Alibaba shop`s operate promotion and other platforms.
3、Maintenance of wechat and other public apps.
4、Using a variety of Internet resources to improve the company's Web site traffic, rankings and visibility, establish the lintratek brand.
5、All the above functions do not need to be competent, ADM.
1、Familiar with SEO principles, understand Baidu and other search engine algorithms, rational use.
2、Optimized according to the website content analysis and technical assistance to select keywords.
3、Choose the right keywords to optimize the site based on the competition, and enhance the keywords natural ranking.
4、Use wechat and other networking tools to promote the full range of operations and maintenance work.
5、Familiar with the simple image processing.
Familiar with the network publicity, information promotion, independent thinking, strong sense of responsibility, relevant work experience is preferred