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Brand Story


Brand Story


Maybe in our daily life, many people have met some situations like these: when we are in modern high building or in the basement of large range building, sometimes our phone can not receive good signal of mobile telecommunication. The reason of this result is the Shadow Effect of wireless transmission. And this shadow effect would cause a blind spot of mobile telecommunication during the wireless signal transmission. Therefore, to solve this problem, we should applicate the Weak Signal Bridging Technology. This is also what Lintratek mainly supplies the goods and service of it.

1. Profile Of Lintratek's Founder

Shi Shensong (Peter)

CEO of Lintratek

Career Note:

●RF expert in wireless network coverage field

●Founder of weak signal bridging industry


●Foshan network business association director


Background of building Lintrak:

The founder of Lintratek Tech., Sunsong Sek, had realized this telecommunication signal blind spot problem for a long time and has tried to help people optimize this situation with his acquired knowledge of Weak Signal Bridging Technology, thinking out: what if I can create some devices to solve these problems and help more people to get full bar phone signal all the time.

Actually, when Mr. Sek was a child, has been interested in wireless signal knowing that he could watch TV because of the transmission of wireless signal. After graduating from the university, he started his career in telecommunication industry and has fought for it for about 20 years.



2. Determinations Of Lintratek' Origin

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Dream from Child

First determination is dream child, inspired by the television signal transmission, wondering how does the telecommunication work and dreaming to be a part of telecommunication industry one day.


Elevator Accident Empathy

Once watching the news about a case of elevator accident, because of the weak signal receipt in the elevator, the victim couldn't call for help and died. The founder Shensong saw the disaster, sadly swore he need to invent more high-quality signal booster to avoid these accidents.


Saving Staff's Smile

Being a leader of a enterprise, Shensong shoulder heavy responsibilities to keep staff's happiness. From 2012 to nowadays, the team of Lintratek is going to be bigger and bigger. But because of the kindness and love between each other, we get along as a big family. And Shensong tries his best to keep it long.

3. Lintratek's LOGO

Lintratek's logo have two standard color, #0050c7 (blue) and #ff9f2d(orange).

Blue means: serenity, stability, inspiration, wisdom and health.

Orange means: warmth, heat, enthusiasm, creativity, change and determination

These two kinds of color stand for Lintratek's spirit.


The logo shape's meaning: full bar signal receipt, a hand holds a piece of signal booster and a smile. It shows Lintratek's team is trying to satisfy clients with good service and supply them good telecommunication environment.


4. Three Core Parts Of Lintratek



The first part is the most important of Lintratek. The production line determines the quality of the signal booster and the communication antenna. Each site in the production line is strict ensuring the final product work well. Also before the packaging, the signal booster and the antenna should be tested function time and time.



The second part is the storehouse. Here is can be said as the heart of Lintratek. Normally each model of signal booster (signal repeater / signal amplifier) is in stock for ensuring clients' urgent demand. Before sending the parcel, we will finally take a test to make sure the normal function.


Sales Team

The third important part is the sales team including pre-sales and after-sales. Pre-sales department for guiding clients to choose suitable models of signal booster and making marketing plan for clients. After-sales department for solving any after-sales problem for clients.

5. The Development Of Lintratek

2012.01 - Official establishment of Lintratek

2013.01 - Technology introduction & Team creation

2013.03 - Developed successfully our own signal booster model

2013.05 - Establishment of branch brand and enhance international influence

2014.10 - The product has obtained the European CE certification

2017.01 - Expansion of company scale and establishment of new operation center

2018.10 - Products won FCC, IC certification

2022.04 - held 10-year anniversary

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