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» Types of European Network Operator

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Signal Booter Support European Operator

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When we get weak signal in home, office, elevator, shopping mall or in other rural area, we may think that there should be a cell phone signal booster working here. But before you go to purchase a full kit of mobile phone signal booster, you should know that we should choose a suitable device according to the network operators what we are using.
In African countries, the main network operators are these: vodafone, orange, O2, MTS, A1, T-mobile, Beeline, EE, Three and other local network suppliers....

network operators in Europe

Ⅰ. What's Europe's frequency band?

With different network carriers in different countries in Europe, the types of Europe's frequency band could be a little different.


Take an example with Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile) in Germany, Poland, Netherlands and Romania:

Country 2G (GSM) 3G (UMTS) 4G (LTE)
 Germany  900/1800 2100  800/1800/2600
 Poland  900 900/2100 1800
Netherlands 900/1800 900/2100 900/1800/2600
Romania 900/1800 2100 1800

As the chart shows the contrast, we can find out some rules:

One: The same network operator T-Mobile in different countries, its frequency bands could be different.

Two: The same network operator in the same country, it has different frequency bands matching 2G, 3G and 4G.

Three: In European Area, the frequency bands normally are: 800mhz, 900mhz, 1800mhz, 2100mhz, 2600mhz.


If you are interested in learning more about the frequency bands of network operator used in your local place, here is the useful website recommended for you:

Input the name of your country or the network operator that you are using and check it out.


Ⅱ. Possibility of signal booster market in Europe


What makes it possible to develop the business of cell phone signal booster for European Market?

These are the 2 influencing factors of the possibility of signal booster market in Europe:

 1. The end customers' demand of cell phone signal booster on Online shopping platform is high.

A set of signal booster is a device for enhancing the cell signal reception or internet speed in a particular space or an area. So, for the high-quality life or urgent demand, people in Europe would like to purchase the cell phone signal booster online, on Amazon or on other shopping platform.

2. The cell phone signal booster is able to apply in everywhere to solve weak signal problem.

In reality, the even though a city is highly advanced, there are still many places in which people can't get good signal reception, for example in shopping mall, office of high-rise, high density residential area... To ensure the high quality and fast lifestyle of people, the cell phone signal booster is playing an important role.


Ⅲ. Recommendation of Signal Booster By Lintratek


Lintratek has more than 500 different models meeting different demand for the global clients, and we have about 300 models suitable for European Market.

You can choose the suitable ones to sell in your local market with direct-factory price.

Lintratek supplies ONE-STOP purchase service, here you can purchase high quality signal booster with matching communication antennas and other accessories.

KW16L-Single Band Signal Booster


Unit Price: 12.55-23.55USD

Gain: 65db, 16dbm

Frequency Band: 850/900/1800/2100mhz

Coverage: 200sqm

AA23-Triple Band Signal Booster


Unit Price: 44.50-51.00USD

Gain: 70db, 23dbm

Frequency Band: 900+1800+2100mhz

Coverage: 600sqm


KW35A-Single/Dual/Triple Band


Unit Price: 235-494USD

Gain: 90db, 35dbm

Frequency Band: 850/900/1800/2100mhz

Coverage: 10000sqm

Ⅲ. Why Choose Lintratek

Our Services

1. Support OEM & ODM customized service.

2. Fast delivery in 3-7 days with products in stock.

3. Supply 12-month warranty.

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Why Work With Us

Lintratek has more than 20-year experience in telecommunication industry, own our warehouse and storehouse, is in the top 3 list of signal booster manufacturer in China. With the entire system of manufacturing and wholesales, Lintratek is famous all around the world in signal booster market of 155 countries.

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