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Network Operator for South America Market

Signal Booter For South America

» Types of South America Network Operator

» Kinds of Frequency Band

» Possibility of South America Signal Booster Market

» Recommendation of Signal Booster

Signal Booter For South America

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Ⅰ. Types of Network Operator in South America

In those South American countries, the main network operators are the following: Movistar, Digicel, personal, FLOW, Tigo, Avantel and other local companies.


Ⅱ. Kinds of Frequency Bands in South America?

Different network operators have their corresponding frequency bands.


Take an example with Movistar in Colombia, Chile, Argentina and Venezuela:

Country 2G (GSM) 3G (UMTS) 4G (LTE)
 Colombia  850/1900 1700/2100  1700/2100
 Chile  1900 850/1900 2600
Argentina 850/1900 850/1900 1700/2100
Venezuela 850 1900 1700/2100

As the chart shows the contrast, we can conclude some points:

1. The same network operator in different countries, its frequency bands could be different.

2. The same network operator in the same country, it has different frequency bands matching 2G, 3G and 4G cell phone signal.

3. In South America, the frequency bands normally are: 850mhz, 1700mhz, 1900mhz, 2100mhz and 2600mhz (B5, B4, B2, B1, B7)


If you check the correct frequency bands of network operator that people use in your local place, here is the practical website we recommend for you:

Input the name of your country or the network operator that you are using and check it out.


Ⅲ. Possibility of Signal Booster Market in South America


Before you begin the business of signal booster, you can think, what would be the decisive factors that guide you to success?

These are the 3 influencing factors of the possibility of signal booster market in those countries in South America:

 1. The wide coverage of South American countries and the base station distribution is not enough.

With 17.84 million square kilometer coverage in South America with 12 countries, the area of mountains, plains and rural villages is with very high percentage, but the base stations (cell towers) of these network operators are actually not widely distributed. Therefore, a signal booster, especially a powerful wide coverage signal booster, is very important to enhance the mobile phone signal reception of aborigines or tourists.

2. The smart cell phone is widely used and the 4G even 5G is developing.

With the smart cell phone's widely use and 4G/5G technology's development, the corresponding cell phone signal booster becomes common and important in people's life. In the cities or villages, the population base is large, with the normal life experience you might know that the cell phone signal receipt is weak where there are much more people in a place. Cell phone signal booster can be useful if it's installed in house, office, canteen or even shopping mall.


3. The high density of population and the signal booster's lifespan.

As the local culture, natural topography and the urban layout, normally in the countries in South America, the building is close to each other as the picture shows. In South America, the total population is about 434 million, the population density is 56.0/sq mi. These could cause a situation: the cell phone signal receipt is weak where there are too many people in an area.

Actually, in many countries in South America, cell phone signal boosters are widely used everywhere, Lintratek also has sold a lot our product to the market like Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Chile, Brazil... But as a common sense, one kit of mobile phone signal booster's lifespan is about 5 years, in other words, the replacement from old one to new one is necessary.

Ⅲ. Recommendation of Signal Booster By Lintratek


● Lintratek has more than 500 different models meeting different clients' demand.

● You can request the suitable ones to sell in your local market with EX-factory price.

● We set price with Ladder Price, MOQ of OEM/ODM service is 200pcs.

● Lintratek supplies ONE-STOP service, here you can purchase high quality signal booster with matching communication antennas and other accessories one time.

KW16L-Single Band Signal Booster


Unit Price: 12.55-23.55USD

Gain: 65db, 16dbm

Frequency Band: 850/1900/1700/2100/2600mhz

Coverage: 200sqm

AA23-Triple Band Signal Booster


Unit Price: 44.50-51.00USD

Gain: 70db, 23dbm

Frequency Band: 850+1900+1700/2600mhz

Coverage: 600sqm


KW35A-Single/Dual/Triple Band


Unit Price: 235-494USD

Gain: 90db, 35dbm

Frequency Band: 850/1900mhz

Coverage: 10000sqm

Ⅲ. Why Choose Lintratek

Our Services

1. Support OEM & ODM customized service.

2. Fast delivery in 3-7 days with products in stock.

3. Supply 12-month warranty.

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Lintratek has more than 20-year experience in telecommunication industry, owns our warehouse and storehouse, is in the top 3 list of signal booster manufacturer in China. With the entire system of manufacturing and wholesales, Lintratek is famous all around the world in signal booster market of 155 countries.

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