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Why People Need A

Cell Phone Signal Booster?

Mobile cell phone now are very common in our life, we use for  long distance communication: voice call, video call or Internet Surfing.

But in many case, people's cell phone can only get weak signal receipt, not for the cell phone quality, is for the long distance between the application and the signal tower, the telecommunication environment. 

Now we can get help from a device named signal booster (signal amplifier) to solve this problem, to enhance the cell signal receipt.

Far from the signal base tower

Isolated by concrete wall

Multi-users in a same space

why we need signal booster

Suitable Small Size Application


signal booster for home




signal booster for canteen


When you're living in suburb or countryside, when your office is in somewhere isolated by buildings, when you are running a restaurant but clients always complaint the weak signal, you might consider about purchasing a set of cell phone signal booster to solve the signal problem.

How Does the Signal Booster Work?

Signal tower of network operator transmits signal

Outdoor antenna for receiving signal from base tower

Signal booster for enhancing signal strength by core chip

Indoor antenna for transmitting signal strengthened

how does the cell phone signal booster work

Recommendation For Different Demand

① KW13A Single Band

Max Gain:65dbi

Output Power:13dbm


Network Type: GSM / DCS / WCDMA

Features of KW13A

Mini size saving shipping cost

◆ LCD screen to monitor the signal strength

◆ ALC function prolongs lifetime

◆ Hot sales in Europe and Africa

◆ Prices at a good value

◆ Easy to install

② KW17L Dual Band

Max Gain:65dbi

Output Power:17dbm


Network Type: GSM / DCS / WCDMA

Features of KW17L

◆ Double channel for 2 different frequencies at the same time

◆ LCD screen to monitor the signal strength

ALC function prolongs product lifespan

◆ Hot sales in South America

◆ Support Customization

③ AA23 Triple Band

Max Gain:70dbi

Output Power:23dbm


Network Type: GSM / DCS / WCDMA

Features of AA23

◆ Triple channel for 3 different frequencies at the same time

◆ AGC function prolongs product lifespan

Ready to ship meeting your urgent demand

◆ Hot sales in Asia & Europe & South America

◆ Support OEM&ODM service

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