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Ⅰ. Questions About Company

What are the main products of Lintratek?

Lintratek supplies products and service relevant to telecommunication mainly including cell phone signal booster, outdoor antenna, indoor antenna, signal jammer, communication cables, and others supporting products. What’s more, we supply network solution plans and one-stop purchase service after we get your demand.



About each product's detail description, click here to check the product list.

Do your products have verified certification or product test reports?

Of course, we have certifications verified by different organizations from the world, like CE, SGS, RoHS, ISO. Not only for those different models of cell phone signal booster, but Lintratek company has won some awards from home and aboard.

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Where is Lintratek located?

Lintratek Technology Co., Ltd. Is located in Foshan, China, nearby Guangzhou.

What payment methods are available if I want to place an order?

We accept different kind of payment method. Usually PayPal, T/T, bank transfer, Western Union are the most often way what our clients’ choice.


How is the production process of Lintratek signal booster?

Each device of Lintratek signal booster will pass times and times of production process and function testing before shipping. Main production process includes these parts: circuit board research and printing, semi-finished sampling, product assembling, function testing, packaging and shipping.


How many days I can receive the parcel after finishing the payment?

We will arrange the shipping ASAP, usually choose DHL, FedEx, UPS shipping company, and you will receive the parcel in 7-10days after you make a payment. Most models of lintratek signal booster are in stock.


Ⅱ. Questions About Product Function

How does the signal booster work?

A whole system of signal booster includes one piece of signal booster, one piece of outdoor antenna and one piece (or several pieces) of indoor antenna.

Outdoor antenna for receiving the signal transmitted from the base tower.

Signal booster for enhancing the signal received with the inside core chip.

Indoor antenna for transmitting the signal strengthened inside building.


How to choose a suitable signal booster?

1. Check the signal frequency band of your telecommunication environment

For iOS and Android system, the methods to check the frequency band are different.



2. Inquiry Lintratek sales team for recommend

Tell us the band frequency of your network operator, then we will recommend suitable models of signal booster.

If you are planning to purchase for wholesales, we can make a entire marketing proposal meeting your local market demand.

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