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Parking lot signal coverage:No signal at the parking lot? What to do?

cell phone signal coverage in parking case.Poor signal in parking lot payment area, lead to vehicle congestion and often complained! In order to enhance the underground parking three operators, 2G-4G network, Lintratek recommends the following scheme to completely solve the problem of no signal in the underground parking lot.

Project Analysis

The project is located in an underground parking lot in Pudong, Shanghai. The signal at the exit of the parking lot is very poor, and the customers needs to spend a lot of time to refresh the payment, which often causes vehicle congestion and causes complaints. Customers need to solve the Mobile, Telecom, Unicom Internet access and call problems, only cover the export charge zone.

Scheme Design

Scheme Design

After viewing the photos and test data provided by the customers, “Lintratek Coverage Team “ recommends the installation of a tow and two combinations (a signal repeater with two transmitting antennas), installing a transmitting antenna at the toll exit, and then installing an indoor transmitting antenna at about 15 meters, so that the entire Toll Gate can be fully covered.

Product collocation scheme

Product collocation scheme

This mobile phone signal amplifier is designed for large basement and closed space signal coverage research and development, has the characteristics of easy installation, signal stability, green environmental protection, multi-band combination, call and Internet is very smooth!

Installation Process

Installation Process

Installation Process

1. Install the receiving antenna:

The receiving antenna is installed near the exit of the parking lot (the area with the mobile phone signal value > 3 bars), and the signal strength of the receiving antenna affects the coverage effect.

Install the cover antenna

2.Install the cover antenna:

When the ceiling antenna is installed, the small head is facing down and the signal is transmitted 360°to the surrounding area (150 meters). It is recommended to be installed on the ceiling parallel to the ground.

Connecting amplifier

3.Connecting amplifier

Mark MS and BTS on the left and right sides of the host, corresponding to indoor and outdoor antenna ports, respectively. Connect the host to the power supply and start it.

Signal detection

4. Signal detection

After installation, you can directly detect the signal online, or you can use the “CellularZ” software to detect the effect. RSRP is a standard value to measure whether the signal is smooth, generally speaking, more than -80dBm is very smooth, and there is basically no network below -110dBm

parking lot payment is no longer congested

After the installation, the parking lot payment is no longer congested, the mobile 4G smooth Internet access is smooth, and the coverage effect is praised by customers. If you also have signal problems, welcome to private message in the background.

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Post time: Sep-07-2023

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