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Signal coverage in the sales office,Moving the tiny signal “base stations” into the yard?

Signal coverage in the sales office,When the new buildings go on sale, the lack of signal can seriously affect the sale. Lintratek decided to take an unusual path and break the traditional wiring scheme. Building mini “base stations” and fill up the signal. No open line, no damage to the decoration, it is more beautiful!

Project Analysis

Project Analysis

The project is located in a real estate sales hall in Panyu, Guangzhou, which is newly opened on the 21st. The facilities around the building have not been fully equipped, and the whole sales office and elevator have no signal. The poor mobile phone signal has a serious impact on the sales of real estate, and customers choose Lintratek mobile phone signal amplifier after comprehensive brand, after-sales, quality and price reference.

Signal coverage in the sales office

Design scheme

Sales hall for the middle of the green, glass walls around the back shape building, glass compared with cement walls, the signal block is not serious, if the use of traditional wiring scheme, not only to cover multiple hosts, increase unnecessary budget, and with the customer requirements of the hidden beauty is also very different.

After understanding customer needs, Lintratek team abandoned the traditional wiring scheme, in the central green belt to establish a micro launch “base station”, a repeater with two large plate antenna, large plate antenna can cover the sector area 700 meters, using two directional transmission, the whole building can be covered, two elevators using a tow two signal amplifier.

Signal coverage in the sales office

Product collocation scheme

This plan will save several times the budget. The large plate transmitting antenna is mostly used for outdoor signal coverage of desert, desert, mining area, tunnel and other open terrain, with high gain, large power, good sealing, long service life and other characteristics, with the repeater, the coverage effect is excellent!

Signal coverage in the sales office

Installation Process

1. Receiving antenna installation: Install the receiving antenna near the sales department (the area with the mobile phone signal value > 3 bars), and the signal strength of the receiving antenna affects the coverage effect.

Signal coverage in the sales office

2. Divergent antenna installation: The plate antenna is a directional transmitting antenna and must be mounted towards the coverage area.

Signal coverage in the sales office

3.Start the power supply after the receiving and transmitting antennas are connected to the host; otherwise, the host will be damaged.


4. Signal detection

After installation, you can directly detect the signal online, or you can use the “CellularZ” software to detect the effect. RSRP is a standard value to measure whether the signal is smooth, generally speaking, more than -80dBm is very smooth, and there is basically no network below -110dBm.

Signal detection

The installation effect can be seen, the sales office + two elevator signals are full, Internet calls are smooth!

Many customers will eventually choose Lintratek after comparing the quality and price of several amplifier brands. Customers buy not only products, but also quality and service. Linchuang not only has 24H lightning out of the solution, exclusive after-sales and other “one-stop service”, but also the “urgent customer urgent, solve the problem of customers, wholeheartedly for customer service” the purpose of the full implementation.

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Post time: Sep-13-2023

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