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How to enhance the cell phone signal strength?

According to our daily life experience, we know that at the same site, different type of cell phone can receive different signal strength. There are so many reasons about this result, here I would like to explain you the main ones.

how to enhance the cell phone signal strength

=> Reasons of weak cell phone signal receipt

  1. The distance from the base station

The cell phone signal is transmitted from the base station. Therefore, when you are in the place near the signal tower, you can’t find any difficulty during the using phone process. But when you are in a rural area like countryside or villa in the mountain, you always can get only 1-2 bars signal receipt, even No Service shown. That’s because of the long distance between your site and the base station of the cell phone network supplier.


  1. Network carrier’s Infrastructure

Different network carriers (network operator) that supply network service to people, will have their own infrastructure. As we can say, the distribution and the output power of their signal towers are different. Some network carriers’ base stations are mainly in the city and less in rural countryside. Therefore, if you are using one network operator and in there countryside far away from the city, then you can get poor cell phone signal receipt.


  1. The power of signal transmission

The power of signal transmission mainly includes the transmit power of the base station and the receive power of the mobile cell phone. The transmit power of the base station is that the higher the power, the better the coverage, the stronger the mobile phone signal, and vice versa.

The receiving power of the mobile phone depends on the ability of our mobile phone to receive signal. The stronger the receiving ability, the better the signal, and the weaker the receiving ability, the worse the signal.

=> How to enhance the weak cell phone signal strength?

So, when our cell phone signal receipt is very weak, what should we do to enhance the signal strength?

1. Keep the enough battery power of cell phone, low power of our mobile phone will influence the signal receipt and transmission during the telecommunication.

2. Avoid using metal phone case, some types metal material will block the signal transmission of the mobile cell phone in some way.

3. Change network operator. If you need to stay in a place where the network coverage of the company that you’re using is too small, why not just change network operator? Nowadays, many countries allow to change network operator with keeping old phone number.

4. Buy a cell phone signal booster. Buy a full kit set of cell phone signal booster (or we say signal amplifier) to fix this problem. Set it up in the place that you stay, the device can enhance the signal receipt to full bar, make the communication transmission faster and stronger.

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Post time: Aug-09-2022

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