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Project Case

Solution for end customer

Miguel is one of our end customers from Colombia, he and his family live in the suburbs of Colombia, and the signal at home has been bad, because the signal is not strong. And there is a problem of wall blocking, the outdoor signal is completely blocked. Usually, they had to go out of the house to receive the cell phone signal.
To solve this problem, they turned to us Lintratek for favor, asking for full kit of cell phone signal booster and installation plan.

Lintratek’s professional sales team has solved thousands of cases with more than 10-year experience. So, after we got the request from Miguel, we first let him confirm the cell phone signal information in his area with phone application. After the frequency test, we recommended this KW16L-CDMA to him according to his feedback:
1.Miguel and his wife are using the same network carrier: Claro, therefore single band mobile signal booster is enough, and matching the frequency CDMA 850mhz.
2.The house of Miguel is about 300 sqm, therefore one indoor ceiling antenna can cover it enough.


KW16L-CDMA can effectively resolve the call signal, amplifying the cell signal receipt. Under the guidance of the antenna, the outdoor signal strength can be enhanced, and the signal can be transmitted indoors through the wall. The whole installation project is very simple but suitable for Miguel’s situation.
Usually with our recommendation, customers are willing to try the sample at first. We will have a professional inspection before each machine is out of the warehouse. After the inspection, our warehouse staff will carefully package it. Then arrange UPS logistics.


After about a week, they received the samples. Follow our installation video and instructions.
They installed the outdoor Yagi antenna in a place with good outdoor signal, and connected the indoor ceiling antenna and the amplifier under the connection of the 10m line.
After successfully installing the signal amplifier, they successfully received the enhanced signal indoors, the indoor signal originally changed from 1 bar to 4 bar.

Recommend for Importer

1.Initial communication: In order to cover the local weak signal area and plan to sell mobile phone signal booster in Peru, our importer customer Alex directly found us Lintratek after searching our information by Google. Lintratek salesman Mark contacted with Alex and learned the purpose of his purchase of mobile phone signal booster by WhatsApp and email, and finally recommended them suitable models of cell phone signal booster: KW30F series dual-band mobile phone signal amplifier and KW27F series mobile phone signal amplifier, they are all big output power repeater, the power is 30dbm and 27dbm respectively, the gain is 75dbi and 80dbi. After confirming the parameter tables of these two series, Alex said he was very satisfied about our work and attitude.


2. Additional custom service: Then he put forward requirements for frequency bands, logos and labels custom service. After negotiating and confirming with the production department and the department manager, we agreed Alex's requirements and made an updated quotation, because we were sure that we can make it perfect. After 2 days of discussion, the customer decided to place an order, but the delivery time is within 15 days. According to customer's delivery time request, we also required customers to pay 50% deposit, so that our production department can expeditiously produce customer's products.

3. Confirm the payment before production: After that, we discussed the payment method, PayPal or bank transfer (both are accepted), after the customer confirmed that it was bank transfer, and the customer informed that the DHL personnel would come to pick up the goods after the production is completed (EXW item). According to the customer's request, the salesman immediately prepared the corresponding formal invoice and sends it to the customer.
Next day, after the customer paid a 50% deposit, our entire company's production line is fully committed to producing the Alex's customized product, which is guaranteed to be produced within 15 days.

4.Follow up and update production info: During the production of customer goods in the production department, the salesman also inquired about the production situation of the production department every 2 days and tracks the whole process. When the production department encounters any production and delivery problems, such as lack of materials, holidays, logistics and transportation time During the extension, the salesman will communicate with the superior and solve the problems in time.


5. Packaging and shipping: On the 14th day after the deposit was paid, the salesman informed that the production of the goods was completed, and the customer paid the remaining 50% of the total amount on the second day. After paying the balance, after the financial confirmation, the salesman arranged for the warehouse personnel to pack the goods shipped.


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